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About us

Out Loud Dance was formed with the desire to provide an inclusive environment for students with and without disabilities to create, collaborate and share in the joy of movement. Through various dance genres including jazz, ballet, hip hop and creative movement students will have the opportunity to discover different types of music, move with sensory tools, interact with patient and caring volunteers and perform the skills they have learned together with a sense of pride. Come join us and let's start dancing OUT LOUD! Contact us if you have any questions about our programs.

Out Loud Dance is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Our classes throughout the school year rely solely on charitable contributions to sustain our program.

Programs Offered

Arts Integration Program

Our in-school program provides classes that integrate movement into core curriculum subjects with customized lessons that align with what students are learning in their classrooms. Classes are taught through a creative movement lens to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom as an additional way for students to retain information. By incorporating movement into the core curriculum we hope to reach every kind of learner while enhancing creative problem solving and communication skills.

Student Experience: After a semester of learning about early American colonization up to the Revolutionary War through movement, one fifth grader described it as being able to really understand what they were learning about because they would read and discuss the events in their classroom and then jump into the stories and experience them in a different way in movement class.

After School Dance Classes

Our after-school program was formed with the desire to provide a place where students with and without disabilities can create, collaborate and share in the joy of movement. Our students range in a variety of ages and ability levels and are paired up with our patient and energetic volunteers, most of which come to us from nearby high schools. Classes are donation based with no set tuition for our participants and together we explore multiple dance genres and musical instruments, create movement and perform for our friends, family and community. Through dance, the students and volunteers create a community that promotes creativity, inclusion and kindness.


Courtney Kalaher (MA, BA) teaches Communication Through Movement in the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University where she uses creative movement to navigate multiple aspects of nonverbal communication in various social and professional settings for postsecondary students with disabilities. Prior to working at TAMU she completed her MA at NYU Steinhardt in Dance Education and has taught and written curriculum in various dance programs for students PreK-12 in Texas, New York, Uganda and Washington DC. Courtney is passionate about using dance as a means to facilitate personal growth and a sense of community for students with a desire to dance OUT LOUD!

Board of Directors

Courtney Kalaher
Out Loud Dance Founder, Executive Director

Laura Greenway

Meagan Orsag, PhD
Texas A&M University

Classes are held weekly from 4-5pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays for students ages 5-18. Dancers will be paired up with a volunteer to help assist in movement activities.